Magnum Dolly

Versatility is the motto of the Magnum Dolly System: Thanks to an extensive range of accessories as well as numerous configurations, the Magnum Dolly can be optimally adapted to individual requirements.

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Movie Tech Magnum Dolly
The Magnum Dolly main features are:

  • Modular Dolly system
  • Expandable from a “leggero” Basicdolly up to a fully equipped electromechanical driven and microprocessor controlled center column dolly
  • Removable Magnum column (makes transportation much more easier)
  • The integrated rotatable bearing allows to turn the column 360° around its axis, for example with the Duo Jib
  • Due to the microchip driven motors you are able to control movements extremely smoothly and precisely in different speed modes
  • The programmability allows you to programme and therefore repeat a series of movements in real time

Electromechanical column for Magnum Dolly

  • precise and smooth column movements due to microprocessor control
  • allows to set low and high movement limit, store up to 30 points and whole column movements for an accurate reproduction of vertical movements
  • various speed and ramp settings selectable

Technical specs:

Weight 307lbs 140kg
Max. height euro mount 58in. 148cm
Min. height euro mount 31in. 80cm
Lift range 28in. 68cm